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Luna Moth Pastel Goth Halloween Set

A bright and colorful take on a party set. This design was proposed to Michael's Stores for their Halloween collection. Inspired by Luna Moths and previous pastel collections from Michael's.

Mushroom Dance Collection

A funky pattern featuring mushrooms, snails, ladybugs and raspberries. Inspired by the cottagecore craze of the early pandemic, as well as pattern shopping and crafting with my Grandma.

Snowy Songbirds Collection

My take on a Christmas collection featuring bright songbirds and snowy birdhouses, perfect for Christmas ornaments, wrapping paper, and more!
I created 2 colorways for 2 different Christmas moods.


My first pattern collection, featuring fanciful trick-or-treating cats!

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 9.54.46 AM.png

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